The IMPACT ZONE Facility

IMPACT-ZONE is a FITNESS AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE facility specializing in combative sports strength and conditioning and cardio martial arts group training. The facility was designed by individuals that have been in the fitness industry and martial arts for over 30 years. The equipment in our facility is specifically chosen to enhance athletic performance for all sports. This is the “Real Deal”!

The Facility Features:

30 heavy bags | Wall Focus Striking Bag | Wrecking Ball Bag | Speed Bags | Gladiator Walls | Indoor Turf | Power Racks | SkiErg Machine |

A wide range of medicine balls, slam balls, weights, tension bands, kettle bells, bars, plates, battle ropes, Vertimax training, agility ladders, prowlers and everything needed to enhance athletic performance.

Redefining Fitness

With this mental and physical development program and achieve a better quality of life through fitness.

IMPACT ZONE FITNESS AND SPORTS PERFORMANCE will be sharing the space and doing business with Performance Health, a state-of-the-art sports medicine facility. Get ready to IMPACT your life through fitness.

Memberships Available

We have membership options for everyone.  Call us at  201-775-1025 for more information.