IZ Nutrition

All members of IMPACT ZONE receive 1 free consultation with our in-staff nutritionist, Rachel Namery.

Here at IZ we are fully dedicated to the fitness and health success of our members.  Rachel’s qualifications and knowledge provide our members with endless resources for completing and exceeding their goals.  Whether you need advice or have questions on your eating habits, Rachel is available to help you every step of the way.

Rachel is also available for regular consulting, meal plan creation, and meal tracking for a more personal and individual experience.

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Rachel Namery is a nutritionist and Ace Certified personal trainer. As an athlete playing tennis her whole childhood into high school and college, she fell in love with all things fitness and health from a young age. She naturally started to become very interested in nutrition after going through some disordered eating behaviors in high school and wanting to learn how to fuel her body and get to her goals in a healthy manner. Rachel has an undergraduate degree in communications at Rutgers, and a dual Master’s in Nutrition and Food Science program from Montclair State University’s and Graduate Certificate in Exercise Science and Nutrition.

Rachel has varying experience. She has worked with elementary through collegiate age students as well as adults and professional athletes.

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