Dave Paladino

Impact Zone Owner / CEO / Master Instructor

Dave Paladino is the owner of Impact Zone – a fitness expert, celebrity trainer and the creator of STRIKE ZONE, a sports performance and MMA training program. He is also the former Fitness Director at C.O.R.E. The Center Of Fitness for over 15 years. A Master Certified personal trainer with the I.F.P.A., he is one of New Jersey’s elite health and wellness professionals. He also is a certified martial arts instructor and holds a 4th-degree black belt in Goshin Do Nagai Ryu Kempo karate, Samurai Nagai Ryu Jiu-Jitsu under Grand Master Bob Long and Master Brian Long; a first-degree black belt in Shukokai karate under Chief Instructor Kimura; and has been training for over 20 years in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Renzo Gracie and Gracie affiliate schools. From training celebrities to conditioning athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages, Dave brings an unequaled passion and intensity to his work. He’s been profiled in Men’s Health, People magazine, Muscle and Fitness and many more health related publications.

With more than 25 years of experience in the fitness industry and in martial arts, Dave is a trainer for many amateur and professional athletes including MMA fighters, boxers, wrestlers, swimmers, track and field stars as well as football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, hockey and tennis players.

In addition, Dave is the founder of AWA; Advantage Wrestling Academy is a sport specific strength and conditioning program designed for wrestlers of all ages. Dave has produced many county, district, region and state champions. His no nonsense approach to training, in addition to his years in combative sports has helped many of his athletes to become the best in their sport and go on to attaining full scholarships and competing at many of the country’s top universities including, Rutgers, Penn State, Brown, U. Penn, Michigan, Florida, Villanova, Northwestern and more.

Dave also is the creator, Owner and Chief Instructor of the original training program STRIKE ZONE which blends world-class martial arts training with intense physical fitness objectives. The program is designed to emulate the extreme training that a professional fighter and athletes have to endure in order to get ready for a competition. The program is a group fitness experience that will challenge even the seasoned athlete. STRIKE ZONE is a mental and physical development and has helped many individuals achieve a better quality of life through fitness.


  • Fitness Expert
  • Celebrity Trainer
  • Former Director of Health and Fitness at C.O.R.E The Center of Fitness
  • Master Certified Personal Trainer with the I.F.P.A.
  • Founder of Advantage Wrestling Academy

Certified Martial Arts Instructor

  • Fourth-degree black belt Godan Renshi in Goshin Do Nagai Ryu Kempo karate
  • Samurai Nagai Ryu Jiu-Jitsu under Grand Master Bob Long and Master Brian Long
  • First-degree black belt in Shukokai karate under Chief Instructor Kimura
  • Training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for over 20 years with team Renzo Gracie an affiliates.