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We are your ADVANTAGE… Some wish for it, We work for it.

Advantage Wrestling Academy is a 6,000 square foot strength and conditioning performance facility that houses a vast variety of strength and conditioning equipment. AWA’s spacious room provides athletes with many training options from a 30 yard turf area, power cages, Ski Ergs, Gladiator Walls and a variety of unique training equipment. The goal of AWA and their staff is to enhance the overall conditioning of the athlete by putting them through a rigorous strength and conditioning program designed specifically for their sport. Wrestlers are not power lifters or body builders. Therefore, prescribing to them workout routines designed for body builders and power lifters actually inhibits their goal, which is to become a better, stronger, faster, highly conditioned wrestler.

Strength and Conditioning

AWA Wrestling strength and conditioning program is based on the fundamental exercises that have provided outstanding results for wrestlers. Although it is an intense program that caters to all wrestlers from the beginner all the way up to college bound high school seniors. Advanced Wrestling Academy will build and strengthen your “posterior chain”. These are the muscles than run up your back from your calves to you neck, which are crucial to injury prevention and athletic performance.

Mental and Physical Development.

Advanced Wrestling Academy develops mental and physical toughness in all our wrestlers. Combines them with strength and conditioning training to emulate the extreme conditions a wrestler goes through to train for winning a state wrestling title. The ability to handle physical stress takes us right into the ability to handle mental and emotional stress”

Technique Wrestling Classes.

Advanced Wrestling Academy incorporates techniques from all styles of wrestling and combines them with strength and conditioning training to emulate the extreme conditions a wrestler goes through to train for winning a state wrestling title. Perfection of technique increases your wrestlers takedown speed!

AWA Wrestling Program Rates

First Session is Free


1 Session – $25

Auto-Billing – $22.50 per session

(Auto-billed Memberships Include Gym Floor Access)

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AWA Wrestling Testimonials

Anthony Giraldo

2x NJ State Champion
Wrestles for Rutgers University

After just one summer of intense training with Dave Paladino at Advantage Wrestling Academy, I have noticed huge advancements in my training. Dave has made me stronger in every aspect of life from wrestling to the choices I make outside the wrestling mats.

Anthony Giraldo