COVID-19 Information

We are all battling the Coronavirus pandemic in New Jersey and beyond. Businesses have taken steps to protect their employees and customers alike and here at IMPACT Zone, we are doing the same for our amazing members. When you decide it’s time to return to our gym, you won’t have to worry about your health or safety as we have taken many different precautions to safeguard everyone who walks through our doors.

How we are circulating the air

One of the most common questions we face centers around air circulation and rightfully so. With gyms being one of the last businesses to resume indoor operations, air circulation is a big sticking point. Here’s why we will be able to circulate the air properly at IMPACT Zone:

  • 25-foot-high ceilings allow for maximum airflow
  • 15 ceiling fans scattered throughout the gym
  • A garage door is left open during our hours of operation to promote airflow
  • An air filtration system has been added to the IMPACT Zone HVAC system

Limited capacity

IMPACT Zone must adhere to the executive order issued by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, which limits the number of people who can be in the gym at one time and this includes employees and members. We are operating at a capacity of 25% to ensure the proper social distancing guidelines are followed.

COVID-19 mitigation efforts

The COVID-19 mitigation efforts made by IMPACT Zone include the following:

  • Staff will be in masks
  • Protective sneeze guards at the front desk and managers office
  • Mandatory facial recognition temperature readings to anyone who enters
  • Social distancing 94-inch plexiglass partitions between cardio equipment
  • Phone UV light sanitizers
  • Social distancing enter and exit directional stickers as well as “stand here” stickers for check-in
  • UV sanitizing lights
  • Wash your hands instructional signs
  • Hand sanitizing wall-mounted dispensers located throughout the club
  • Sanitizing spray bottles connected to machines
  • Sanitizing wall mounted wipes located throughout the club
  • Sanitizing spraying unit
  • Full-time maintenance staff
  • Face masks for sale

As always, the health and safety of our staff and clientele is our TOP priority and we will take every precaution we can to keep IMPACT Zone in top shape.

What happens if you feel sick?

As you’ve likely heard on the news over and over again, if you feel sick, do not come to IMPACT Zone for a workout. There’s nothing wrong with skipping a day and you will not lose your membership if you need to spend time away from us. We are concerned about the health and safety of all our members as well as our employees.

The best way we can keep IMPACT Zone clean and everyone healthy is for each of us to do our parts. We have told our employees to stay home if they do not feel good on any specific day. We ask you to do the same if you have any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.

Temperature readings keep us all safe

As you might have noticed on the list above, we will be taking your temperature before you enter IMPACT Zone. We will be using a facial recognition device that takes your temperature without any contact. This makes it safer for everyone and ensures that anyone with a fever does not enter the gym. Again, if you don’t feel well, please stay home and skip your workout for the day or the next couple of days.

Please adhere to our guidelines

We respectfully ask that you review all of the above guidelines and procedures before visiting us for the first time following quarantine. Please familiarize yourself with our guidelines and those set forth by Governor Murphy so that there are no surprises or problems when you come to IMPACT Zone for your next workout.

We also ask that you adhere to all of the social distancing rules we have put in place. It’s for your own health and safety and the health and safety of our staff. If you have any questions or concerns about our social distancing guidelines or methods, please don’t hesitate to contact us and speak with a member of the team. Once again, welcome back to IMPACT Zone and we hope you feel safe during your workout. If you experience anything concerning, please let us know immediately so we can rectify the situation.

Return to Indoor Workouts at IMPACT Zone Today

Our staff is excited and ready to welcome back all of our members. We want to see familiar faces walk through the doors once again and we want to meet new faces too! Return to indoor workouts at IMPACT Zone today. Call us with your questions or to discuss membership options at 201-775-1025. We are conveniently located at 335 Chestnut Street in Norwood, NJ.