Sports Specific Training Classes

Going to the gym isn’t just for those looking to lose weight, tone muscles, or improve their health. A gym is also a great place for athletes to improve their stamina, strength, power, and agility. That’s where Impact Zone in Norwood, New Jersey comes into play. Whether you are a high school, college, or professional athlete; Impact Zone has sports specific training classes that can help you improve your game. Basketball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, swimming, golf, bodybuilding, Olympic lifting, powerlifting, wrestling, running, softball, football, volleyball, tennis, boxing, and many other athletes use Impact Zone to their advantage.

Improve your arm strength

Are you a quarterback, pitcher, or tennis player? If so, you use your arms more often than not when playing football, baseball, or tennis. You need your dominant arm to be strong enough to pitch deep into a baseball or softball game or to launch a football 70 yards downfield to complete a Hail Mary. As a tennis player, your arm needs to withstand lengthy tennis matches that could result in multiple tiebreaking sets before a winner is determined.

You can visit Impact Zone and our experienced personal trainers to improve your arm strength. Whether you need to rehab from an arm injury, build up stamina, or improve your throwing distance; Impact Zone has training classes available that can help you grow your arms in preparation for the coming season.

Increase your agility

Agility is an important skill to have no matter the sport you play. You must be able to move quickly and easily when playing a sport at any level. There are some positions on the field of play that require more agility than others, but every athlete should be working towards a more agile body no matter the position they play.

There’s more to just running on a treadmill and lifting weights when you come to Impact Zone to work with our personal trainers. Our trainers will design a program that works best for your skills and athletic abilities in an effort to improve your agility.

When at Impact Zone, you can utilize ladder drills, medicine ball drills, cone drills, hurdle drills, balloon drills, and many other drills with our personal trainers to help increase your agility. All of these drills can be performed at home or after practice on the football or baseball/softball field when you are looking for an added workout.

Stamina can make or break an athlete

Stamina is an important part of every sport. If you don’t have enough stamina, you might not be able to finish a game. No one wants to be removed from a game because you’ve hit a wall and can’t go any further. Do you have enough stamina to go 15 rounds in the ring with your opponent? Do you have the stamina to finish a 10K? Do you have enough stamina to pitch a complete game in the playoffs to propel your team to the championship? Athletes looking to improve their stamina visit Impact Zone in Norwood, New Jersey to work with our personal trainers.

Our personal trainers will get you started with 15 minutes of cardio work before moving into more difficult exercises. Starting off slow when increasing your stamina will make it less challenging to keep up with the program. Increase the time to 30 minutes without increasing the intensity of the exercises as you build your stamina.

Circuit training is another great option for increasing your stamina. Circuit training occurs when you move from one exercise to the next with very little breaks in between each exercise. For example, give yourself only 20 to 40 seconds to recover when moving from one exercise to the next. Once you finish all of the exercises, you have completed a circuit. There is a variety of combinations of exercises that can help you maximize your athletic performance.

If you are ready for it, make your practices more intense than gameday or competition day. This is best for athletes who take part in non-team sports, such as boxing, tennis, and running. When you make the practice more intense than gameday or competition day, the actual game or competition will wind up feeling less intense than they actually are.

Take the next step

Have you been told you are on the cusp of being a college athlete? If so, take the next step and work with a personal trainer from Impact Zone. Many high school athletes from throughout New Jersey and the tri-state area have taken advantage of our sports specific training classes to help them take the next step to become a college athlete.

At the same time, are you on the border of being a professional athlete after college? Trying to get drafted by a Major League Baseball team? Spend time at Impact Zone with our personal trainers to improve your overall skills and abilities and increase your chances of getting drafted into a professional sport or offered a professional contract.

Schedule a Sport-Specific Training Class at Impact Zone Today

Are you a high school, college, or professional athlete looking to improve their overall game? It’s time to visit Impact Zone in Norwood, New Jersey to meet our personal trainers. We want to help you improve your stamina, agility, strength, and help you meet your athletic goals. Call us today at 201-775-1025 to schedule a tour or an initial consultation with a personal trainer.