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When you walk through the doors of Impact Zone, you will discover athletic trainers dedicated to helping people of all health levels get into better shape and stay in shape. We believe that the programs designed by our coaches make an impact on the lives of all those who give them a shot. One such program is GROUP X, which allows you to take exercise classes as part of a larger group. You aren’t divided by age or any other category. Group fitness classes offer plenty of benefits for those who enroll as you will see below.

You are held accountable to create a routine

Those who enroll in a group fitness program are held accountable to create an exercise routine. Group fitness classes are scheduled well in advance, which means you can add them to your calendar without having to fit them in at the last minute. When you choose a group fitness class to attend, sign-up for the class, and add it to your calendar; you can now hold yourself accountable and attend each time the class appears on your calendar reminders.

Guidance from fitness experts

If you’ve tried going to the gym in the past and it hasn’t helped you lose weight, it’s time to give a group fitness class a try. Why? You will receive guidance from the fitness experts at Impact Zone. Our coaches have decades of combined experience in the fitness world and work with some of the biggest professional athletes in major sports. There is zero guesswork involved when building a workout regimen as part of a group fitness program. Our coaches will guide you from the start of your fitness journey so you are not left out in the cold.

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Camaraderie will drive your goals

There’s nothing quite like having a group of people all working towards the same goals. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds, the person next to you wants to lose 50 pounds, or the person behind you wants to keep the weight off they already lost; a group fitness program builds camaraderie along with a solid support group.

Group fitness classes are a breeding ground for positivity. They welcome people of all ages, physical ability levels, backgrounds, and experiences. However, everyone in the room has one thing in common: everyone has the passion and intensity to better themselves and their health.

Break from your boring workout routine

If you are a veteran of the gym scene, you might feel like you’re in quite a rut right now. Going to the gym every morning to walk or run on a treadmill might seem daunting. Why not consider joining a group fitness program?

You won’t have to use a treadmill for your daily workout fix. Instead, you will move using different options, including yoga, dance, Zumba, and more. Maybe you want to use resistance bands, kettlebells, steps, cardio kickboxing, Pilates, spin classes, a boot camp, or mats. A group fitness program gets rid of the monotony and makes your daily workouts fun again.

Join a program with friends and find success

You are more likely to complete a workout program if you join with a friend than if you join alone. A study conducted by the Western Psychiatric Institute and Clinic, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine in Pennsylvania found that 95 percent of people who enrolled in a group fitness program with a friend wound up finishing the program. This is compared to 76 percent of people to complete the program if they joined alone. The study also found that those who joined with a friend were 42 percent more likely to maintain their weight loss.

Learn the proper techniques

Working out alone can lead to injuries, especially if you don’t know the proper techniques. Joining a group fitness program at Impact Zone can help you avoid those injuries because you will be led by one of our experienced coaches. Aside from eliminating the possibility of injuries, learning the proper techniques will also help your muscles get the most out of every workout. Our coaches will monitor your movements during each class and advise you of necessary changes so you are on the right path.

No judgment

Our coaches know how difficult it can be to begin a workout routine and stick to it. Our coaches also know the lengths people go to in order to lose weight and get into better shape. That’s why we operate a no-judgment zone. All of our members are free to join any program or take any class without worry that they will be criticized or judged based on their weight, inexperience, or inability to lose weight.

The Leaders in Group Fitness

IMPACT ZONE’s Group X Program offers classes for all fitness levels and interests.

What you will find…

1,600 sq ft wood-like performance flooring

Walled mirrors in the front of the classroom

Essential equipment needed for all class types: dumbbells, kettlebells, steps, jump ropes, resistance bands, mats, and more!

What you will find…

10 – 100 lbs kickboxing muay thai bags

2 – 150 lbs muay thai boxing bags

Speed bagsDouble-end bags

Uppercut bags

What you will find…

29 State-of-the-art IC7 indoor cycling bikes

Individual computer on every bike showing power, cadence, distance, duration. Also, compatible with heart rate monitors

Huge 145” projector screen with live class stats, virtual landscape rides, and class challenges

Unique built-in FTP (Functional Threshold Power) number so everyone has a individualized workout

What you will find…

5,000 sq ft. open turf

Everything you need for an intense bootcamp; weight sleds, agility ladders/cones/hurdles,

Why choose Impact Zone?

Why should you choose Impact Zone in New Jersey for a group fitness program? Our GROUP X Program has four different options to choose from, including a Group Zone, Zen Zone, Cycle Zone, and Sports Zone. Each group has all of the equipment you will need in the class to succeed. For example, the Cycle Zone features 29 IC7 Indoor cycling bikes, while the Sports Zone features weight sleds on 5,000-square-feet of indoor turf.

Visit Impact Zone today for a tour

If you are looking for a new gym that is more than just stationary bikes and weights (we have those too!), come tour Impact Zone in Norwood, NJ. Meet with our coaches to learn about their experience in the fitness industry and observe some of our group fitness classes.

We require zero commitment from you as part of your membership. Whether you are a first-timer, an experienced fitness buff, a college athlete, or anything in between; Impact Zone offers programs for all skill and experience levels.

Call or text us today at 201-775-1025 or shoot us an email at to learn more about our group fitness programs.