GROUP X Program

The Leaders in Group Fitness

IMPACT ZONE’s Group X Program offers classes for all fitness levels and interests.

What you will find…

1,600 sq ft wood-like performance flooring

Walled mirrors in the front of the classroom

Essential equipment needed for all class types: dumbbells, kettlebells, steps, jump ropes, resistance bands, mats, and more!

What you will find…

10 – 100 lbs kickboxing muay thai bags

2 – 150 lbs muay thai boxing bags

Speed bagsDouble-end bags

Uppercut bags

What you will find…

29 State-of-the-art IC7 indoor cycling bikes

Individual computer on every bike showing power, cadence, distance, duration. Also, compatible with heart rate monitors

Huge 145” projector screen with live class stats, virtual landscape rides, and class challenges

Unique built-in FTP (Functional Threshold Power) number so everyone has a individualized workout

What you will find…

5,000 sq ft. open turf

Everything you need for an intense bootcamp; weight sleds, agility ladders/cones/hurdles,